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Marilyn Shutter Country Stage
Time Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10:00 am         Church Service- Ray Clyde
11:00 am         4-H Award Show
Noon       Wynkoop Family
1:00 pm 4-H Performing Arts First City Squares Fraser   Happy Wanderers
2:00 pm   Wrestling Angels Calico Chords Other Mt Remnant FHL Worship Team
3:00 pm   Broken Strings Keith Winger Frank/Shorty  
4:00 pm   Wildfire Just Bummin' Around   Wooden Nichols  
5:00 pm   First City Squares Rick & Sherri Clyde Melodie & Harmony  
6:00 pm Kids Talent Show Mark & Jill Winger 4-H  Fashion Review Free Indeed  
7:00 pm Kids Talent Show Mike Rearick Classic Country Trivia Challenge Big Bass Ramblers  
8:00 pm Hall Of Fame  & Music Jam (Everyone welcome) Music Jam (Everyone welcome) Music Jam (Everyone welcome) Music Jam (Everyone welcome)  
Shutter Stage Schedule -- Free Entertainment
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