Beltrami County Fair
Bemidji Minnesota
Variant Stream
August 11th - August 15th, 2021
7223 Fairgrounds Rd NW, Suite 7B
Bemidji, MN 56601
Phone: 444-8169
Facility Manager: Rina Philips
Fair Manager: Paul Hokuf
Fairboard Treasurer: Char Blashil

       Fair food, critters, exhibits, music, memories with friends, the fire tower, 4H, carnival rides and other images all bring to mind the Beltrami County Fair held annually every year since the first County Fair in 1904.
       The Board of Directors of the Beltrami County Agricultural Association, stewards of the Fairgrounds, are dedicated volunteers who spend each year, immediately following the annual Fair, planning for the next. Every one of us enjoys seeing the smiles and memories that are made by our fellow citizens and visitors from around the country. We work hard to ensure these great traditions occur annually. 
       This year with the specter of a very contagious and deadly virus, we have reluctantly reached consensus as a board to postpone our 2020 Beltrami County Fair, originally scheduled for August 12-16, until August 11-15, 2021.  Guidance from local, state and federal agencies, along with daily bulletins and long-term bans on large festivals with no end in sight greatly influenced this decision. In addition, there are many of our usual vendors and other activities that have declined or are hesitant to participate.  There are not enough of us nor the huge army of volunteers that assists yearly to make this happen.
       We have many different venues that are of interest to our attendees.  This includes 4H, with a focus on youth development and education. The scope of 4H participation is unclear at this point but we continue to offer our full support to this endeavor.   
       However, we are not giving up.  We are looking at a number of alternative smaller and manageable “Fair” type activities that can be hosted securely and within the guidelines of keeping people safe.  While our County Fair may not look the same, we hope to reinvent the magic and give everyone something to look forward to.  Stay tuned for more on this subject. Watch our website,
beltramicounty and Facebook page, Beltrami County Fair, for updates. 
      In the meantime, we are also looking for ideas.  We have formed a subcommittee to explore alternative Fair options and will be working hard to put those into play. Please call our Fair office at 444-8169 or email us at <> with your idea.  We need all the help we can get.  Thank you.  Beltrami County Agricultural Association, Inc
Beltrami County Fair Sponsors
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Notice: There is a change in the BCAA Annual Meeting Format
The annual meeting on Monday, October 19, 2020 will be held by Zoom at 6:45 pm.  Call the Fair Office 444-8169 to get information on joining the Zoom meeting. Please leave your email address in the message.